There have been many articles published recently about the shortage of truck drivers in America, and it’s a fact.

Drivers are aging out of the business and the younger generation is not attracted to the profession. In addition, new regulations have made driving less efficient. As a result, pickup and delivery times are increasing as are prices.

While some auto transport companies will quote a low fee and accept your payment, Autovocity’s policy is to be clear and up front with our customers about current car shipping market conditions.

Will you find someone who will quote a lower cost? Sure, but if the payment is not attractive to the vehicle carriers / drivers, they will simply opt not to pick up your car.

That means you may wait weeks for your car to be picked up and we have several customers who paid another company in full and their car was never dispatched to an auto carrier / driver, so they ended up paying twice for the shipment.

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— AutoVocity Transport (@autovocity) September 6, 2019
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