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Our company AutoVocity Transport is nationwide with agents all across the country ready to assist you with your vehicle transportation.

AutoVocity Transport

We deliver an Award Winning Car Shipping Service to your door! Our goal is to provide you a top quality nationwide Vehicle Shipping Service that is Fast, Safe & Reliable!

Our Service has made us one of the largest and most respected door-to-door car transport providers in the USA. We value honesty and integrity and respect each individual client.

Your vehicle is completely insured from the moment we pickup and deliver to your door.


We will assign you your own personal agent who will tailor your auto transportation service that best fits your needs. Your agent will be available 24/7 to answer all your questions and concerns providing you a stress and damage free auto transport service.

With our network of over 20,000 Premier Vehicle Carriers we guarantee an all inclusive quote. Giving you peace of mind at a reasonable price. No hidden fees Ever!

3 Easy Steps
  • 01. Get a Quote

    There are two easy ways to get a Auto Shipping quote - Online or by phone. To receive an instant online quote, complete the quote request form or if you prefer to receive your quote by phone, you can speak with a transport specialist by calling (888) 971-1934.

  • 02. Book Your Order

    After receiving your quote you will be given the option to book your order using our secure online reservation system available 24 hours a day which makes booking your shipment quick and easy.

  • 03. Pickup and Delivery

    Once we have scheduled your vehicle for pickup or delivery. We will contact you immediately with your pickup and delivery date normally 24 hours in advance. Next, the driver will contact you 2 hours prior to pickup or delivery providing you with an estimated time of arrival.

AutoVocity Culture

Our Vision and Mission

AutoVocity Transport and Freight is a family owned and operated business. We have been in the automobile industry and automobile transport business for over twenty years. We work for you with the highest standards. Our expertise and professionalism allows us to make your life simpler and save you money, all while receiving excellent nationwide auto transport and freight shipping service. We pride ourselves in honesty, integrity and respect.

Our Mission

To provide a top quality vehicle shipping service that is fast, safe & reliable.

Our Vision

To have the fastest pickup and delivery times in the industry with utmost care.

Our Corporate Culture

We value honesty, integrity and respect each individual client.

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We bring over 20 years of experience to you.

AutoVocity Transport

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AutoVocity Transport offers the Fastest and Reliable nationwide auto transport service.

A Word About

the Shortage of Truck Drivers

There have been many articles published recently about the shortage of truck drivers in America, and it’s a fact.

Drivers are aging out of the business and the younger generation is not attracted to the profession. In addition, new regulations have made driving less efficient. As a result, pickup and delivery times are increasing as are prices.

While some auto transport companies will quote a low fee and accept your payment, Autovocity’s policy is to be clear and up front with our customers about current car shipping market conditions.

Will you find someone who will quote a lower cost? Sure, but if the payment is not attractive to the vehicle carriers / drivers, they will simply opt not to pick up your car.

That means you may wait weeks for your car to be picked up and we have several customers who paid another company in full and their car was never dispatched to an auto carrier / driver, so they ended up paying twice for the shipment.

Don’t be fooled by the low price of auto transport providers. Autovocity will quote you at market price, and if you need a quick pickup, we offer express service that usually results in a pickup within 48 hours. Want to know more?

Nationwide Shipping Solutions.

Servicing the continental U.S with over 20,000 premier vehicle carriers.